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7 Quick Takes Friday

Aloha from paradise, and thanks again to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for hosting. Pōmaika`i (blessings) to you, Jen, and your new kamali`i “Joy!”


It’s been three months since I’ve posted anything, and while part of the reason has to do with working on my Big Project in January and February, mostly it’s just because I’ve had the blahs. I’ve even starting thinking of this as my “blahg.” It comes down to this: my life is really not that interesting, and blogging about it isn’t going to make it any more so. But it’s been bothering me not to have posted anything for 3 months, so this felt like an itch I had to scratch.


I do read an awful lot of blogs, though – I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am by (and let’s face it: envious of) the bloggers who can post something – sometimes more than one post! – every day. The ones I especially am drawn to, for some odd reason, are the mommy bloggers. There are half a dozen or so I read regularly (including our gracious hostess) who are much younger than I and have 3 or more children who are babies, toddlers, preschoolers – I’m just in awe. And utterly baffled; how on earth do they find/make the time? Granted, my memories of those years are hazy, but looking back, I don’t think I could have sat down at a computer (well, that was back in the dark ages before we had one, so I guess it would have had to have been a journal) and written like this – the amount of time it would have taken would have been more than enough for the kid to call 911 (which Number One Son did, once, when he was in elementary school) or toss his $600 hearing aids in the toilet. Which he also did.


And now that that kid is 21 and 6000 miles away, I’ve got a whole other list of things to be on my knees about. Such as Spring Break. So if you happen to remember and/or feel so inclined, please keep NOS in your prayers this week. He left this morning (our time; noon, his) on a 10-hour drive from Washington DC to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, and, if his Facebook page is to be believed, the week to come will be one long extravaganza of partying, punctuated by occasional snowboarding. Sigh.


It’s really cold here. Not cold like where you are (I’m assuming that whoever is reading this is on the mainland), but for the tropics … frigid. You know when you check and they tell you what the actual temperature is, and then say it “feels like” some other temperature? I guess to account for wind chill or whatever. Well, just told me that here in my zip code it’s 67 degrees, but if you’re island-born, I’m telling you, it feels like 32. Inside the house. Like you, I’m ready for spring.


I like mainland winter weather, though. Well, let me qualify that: I like to go to Colorado for a week during the winter — not really; we’re talking March — to ski. (Okay, stop scoffing) And I’m sad because this year I’m not going. The Coach has to coach, and Baby Girl has umpteen commitments of her own, and the financial situation, well, you know – so we decided this year there could be no spring break trip to our Rocky Mountain home-away-from-home. So I’m bummin’. I’m an island girl through and through, but I do love to get away to those majestic mountains and carve it up. If you do get a chance to ski this spring, do a run for me, would you?


I just love to read, but haven’t done much so far in 2009. I’ve only read 4 books this year, compared to 13 by this time a year ago. A few days back I finally picked up and started “Twilight,” which Baby Girl had lent me back around New Year’s. Just wanted to see what the fuss was all about. About the same time as I was starting the book, I read an interview with Stephen King, in which he said something like, “Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn.” And you know what, he’s right: the Twilight story is kind of fun, in its way, but the writing is truly terrible. I’m constantly fighting the urge to toss it across the room. But I’m so weird in that way: I’ll torture myself and keep reading to the end, because I want to know how it comes out. Masochist.


My 7 quick takes are not that quick. I need to work on that. I’m going to start by stopping. But first I have to say I’m nuha with Blogger for not letting me add photos to this post. Grrr.