Remembering: day 1

It’s Saturday, which means I’m watching college football on TV. Which means I’m thinking about my dad, remembering the times we did that together. Most of what I know and love about football started there, on the living room couch with my dad. And that’s just one of the things I remember — and miss — about him.

I have this, shall we say, thing, about getting older. It’s uncharted waters I find myself sailing into, and sometimes that’s a bit scary. One of the things that frightens me more than anything about getting older is forgetting. I even admit to this on my About page. There’s just so much I want to remember, so I’ve decided to be deliberate about it.

I’m taking a deep virtual breath here and jumping on the 31 Days bandwagon. I’m making the commitment to spend the next 31 days remembering. And today is Day 1, both for this new-ish blog (my old blog kind of ran out of gas and inelegantly expired beside the road), and for my little contribution to the series. Mostly I’ll be remembering people who are gone now, because I want to relish some of what made each one of them special to me. And maybe my sharing them with you just might nudge some of your own remembrances (of other people, of course, your people) up to the surface.

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