Counting my blessings

a countable blessing: sunrise from my deck

So the other day when I was whining mentioned that Halloween is my least favorite holiday, it occurred to me that it’s actually closely followed by my most favorite holiday, which is Thanksgiving.

The thing that’s so great about Thanksgiving, well, two things really: number one, it’s all about the food — who’s gonna ever complain about a holiday that revolves around food? — and number two, it isn’t only about the food, it’s also (duh) about being thankful.

I mean, every November in America, you’re practically forced to stop and take stock and acknowledge the things you’re grateful for. And in my opinion, that’s one thing it’s good to be forced to do. So it seems kind of a shame that for the most part we only gear up to do it once a year.

Of course, that’s not true for everyone. Oprah for one is famous for her gratitude journal, which lots of people have decided is a good idea and put to use in their own lives. There’s even an app for it, which is kind of a clever 21st century spin on your grandmother’s admonition to count your blessings.

Which is what I’m doing today. Just since I woke up this morning, all sorts of little things I’m thankful for have popped into my head. Here’s a sampling:

  • that our boy finally, after months of searching, was able to trade in his gas-guzzling truck and get a practical, four-cylinder car that had all the specs he wanted and was in his price range (now The Coach can stop with the obsessive late-night searches on Craigslist);
  • that our girl is on her way to Chicago today for a volleyball tournament, having made the cut for the traveling team (Go Bearcats!);
  • that tomorrow I’m finally getting this weird thing taken off my tongue, which may mean a few days of liquid meals following the surgery, but that could be a positive if it translates into losing a couple pounds;
  • that The Coach (so far; knock wood) has had a relatively drama-free season with his team. Truly a blessing that he has a pleasant and easy-going group to work with, which is no small thing to be able to say about a gaggle of teenage girls;
  • that a Pilates studio recently opened up in my neighborhood, and I’m going back to Pilates classes again a couple times a week. I feel better already!

I could go on, but that’s good for now. What sorts of blessings are you counting today?

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