*Gulp* First Post

I don’t know why but I’m really nervous about this. I’ve been reading blogs for so long now that you’d think posting would just be such a natural, easy next step. But here I am, all freaked out with my palms sweating like someone’s going to give me a grade or something.

I think it’s because, in my mind, the very first post is this huge hurdle to get over, and all those years of thinking about it should result in this magnificent, profound result that the blogging world has just been waiting for all this time. Well. Clearly in my current state that’s not going to happen, so maybe if I just click on “publish” and get it over with, then I can just move on to whatever’s next and get on with doing this just like I’ve always done it.

And then in future posts, I won’t use the word “just” quite so often …

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