My Big Project

Yesterday I received all the files I’m going to need to work on The Big Project in my life over the next six months. Talk about intimidating. I’m trying to remember that saying about, how do you eat a [something really big — that’s the part I forget], and the answer is, one bite at a time. I keep telling myself that I just need to focus on one little piece at a time and I’ll be fine, but it just keeps looking so … big.

Now, my tendency with these types of things is to go into avoidance/ procrastination mode, and that is surely the wrong thing to do here. I need to keep reminding myself that this is something I took on willingly, eagerly even, and I’ve got to honor the others involved (and in fact my own decision) to do my best with it even if I’m scared. Which I am. This is such a major administrative undertaking, and I feel so rusty and inadequate doing that kind of work. But I guess something in me believed, when I said “yes” to it in the first place, that I could do this, so maybe that’s what I need to hold on to.

Plus, a whole lot of prayer …

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