30 days of … nothing in particular

Today is Day 1 of my blog series, 30 Days of Plum Slogging Her Way Through November.

Just kidding. I’d never subject you, much less me, to something that painful.

Having finished up what for me was kind of a major project, posting something here every day, I’m not all that eager to take on a similar assignment.

Not that I haven’t loved these past 31 days; they’ve been great. But I’m kind of wiped out. And ready for something new.

In truth, I don’t need to look far. There are all sorts of things, right under my nose, that I could and probably should give my attention to.

Fun things like: cleaning my house. Shampooing the carpet. Getting rid of all the old Disney movie VHS tapes that we are never going to watch again, because my children are grown adults. And we don’t even own a VHS player any more.

Here’s a partial list of things I want/need to do in November:

1. Move out of my daughter’s bedroom. For the past four or five months I’ve been using our girl’s bedroom as my writing space. I love it. I’ve got her old desk covered with my laptop and all my papers and books and stuff; I even use the bed as a staging area for some of the stuff I use when I’m writing. Like old photo albums and various notebooks. But she’s coming home for Thanksgiving and later Christmas, and I suppose she’s expecting to sleep in her room.

2. In light of item 1 there, I have to figure out a new writing space. This may be tricky. Our boy’s room is not an option because I think he’ll be moving out of his detestable apartment and back in with us in the next couple weeks. There aren’t many other options, unless I carve out a space in our office/attic area. Which means I’ll need to …

3. … clean out the attic. Oh, boy. Really, really not looking forward to that. That’ll be a multi-day project for sure. Maybe even multi-week. Ugh.

4. Read a book. Or two. I am a bookworm by nature, but it feels like forever since I sat down and read something for the fun of it. There are three or four books on my nightstand that I’m partway through, and another couple arrived from Amazon the other day, so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy in that department.

5. Catch up on my TV shows on the DVR or iPad. Because I feel like I’ve missed a bunch of really good ones since the fall TV season started a month or so ago, and I hate that feeling of being behind. I’ve heard good things about Call the Midwife; maybe I’ll start there.

6. Go shopping. Which I suppose is timely, because now that Halloween is behind us, Christmas shopping season begins in earnest, right? Like I need an excuse to go to the mall. But it feels like I haven’t been there in ages and I can hear my stores all calling me, like sirens luring me to them and causing me to shipwreck on their island.

7. Get ready for Thanksgiving. Oh, I just love this holiday on so many levels, and it gives me a little thrill to start planning the menu and the decorations and all the little details. The Thanksgiving issue of Bon Appetit magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and I was ready to drop everything right then and there and start cooking.

8. Do stuff with The Coach. As of tomorrow, his season is officially over, freeing up his afternoons and weekends for stuff like paddling and surfing and yoga. Which means we need to find a good yoga class, so I’m adding that to the list.

I thought I could come up with more than eight things, and I probably can, but I think I should cut it off there. Especially since I ought to go get some work done in the attic.

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