I wonder if my tendency toward slowness* is some kind of personality trait. You know, like that Myers-Briggs business: introversion-extraversion, sensing-intuition, thinking-feeling, judging-perceiving. Because I feel like in there somewhere there ought to be a dichotomy of people who learn/act/react/process quickly, and those who do so slowly.

I myself have never done anything, big or small, quickly. If it weren’t for externally imposed deadlines, I’d probably still be in college. So when a whole bunch of stuff happens in a very short period of time, virtually all at once, it tends to knock me for a loop, as I try my hardest to process it all, and am still going at it after everyone else has moved on.

Processing is, shall we say, a challenge for slowpokes like me. As are, apparently, commas.

Anyway, that’s why the week of November 1st through the 7th, being as eventful as it was, left me feeling nothing so much as bamboozled for over a week now.

Let’s review, shall we? In the big world:

  • Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast;
  • There was this big election.

In my much smaller world:

  • The Coach’s team won the state championship;
  • Our boy’s girlfriend flew to Asia for a month;
  • Our boy moved out of his detestable apartment and back in with us.

Emotionally, for me, that’s kind of a lot to process in a week’s time. So to save myself from being completely overwhelmed I’ve slowed myself down (even more than usual) and just put my energy into some reading, and a little writing.

The reading has been interesting: whatever I’ve picked up has really struck a chord with me. I’m in about the middle of Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home, and I’ve been inspired to put into practice a lot of the elements she found to be successful toward that goal, being happier at home. One that I got a kick out of yesterday was “suffer for 15 minutes.” Kind of describes my feeling about certain chores I’ve put off doing.

I’ve also been doing a study in Daniel 6, and discovering what it is to be a person of integrity at work. Which in this day and age kind of bleeds over into things like social media: if that’s not a personal challenge — being a person of integrity on Facebook — I don’t know what is.

But the writing has been such a hot mess that I have spared you, my imaginary reader, the inevitable pain to your eyeballs of posting any of it. It seemed like, even in just a week, I forgot how to blog and had to figure it out all over again.

Not that this post is any indication of my having done that. But I felt compelled to offer up some sort of explanation for my absence. So I’m chalking it up to needing a little more time to, you know, process.

* I don’t know what to call this. Am I a late bloomer? A slow learner? A tortoise? This will take me a while to figure out. Duh.

1 thought on “Processing

  1. Debbie

    Well, if I were the one living in Hawaii, I would be laid-back and slow too. That book sounds really good and I put it on my Amazon list.


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